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How to Grow Employee Engagement

KazooHR, recently reported that 66% of organizations have employees working from home while 71% of executives are worried about productivity at home.

That makes sense too, COVID-19 has forced us to answer those questions that most companies had only thought about academically previously. It seems like most companies were already headed in this direction, but COVID just pushed up that timeline.

Dania Shaheen from Kazoo presented at BambooHR's 6th Annual Virtual Summit and brought up four challenges that are facing companies right now.

How to keep company culture alive with remote workers

How do you make sure that everyone is aligned with their goals and that employees keep the vision?

How do we know that employees are doing what they're supposed to be doing?

It seems like most managers have stepped up and are trying to ensure that everyone is working hard - however, this could be interpreted as micromanagement by a lot of employees and could be more frustrating their vision of how they see themselves in their own career.

Do we have the right tools for our managers to manage remote workers?

Manager-employee trust are at all time lows right now. It seems like there are a lot of breakdowns in communication lately because more people are interpreting emails instead of being able to use the keys of face-to-face communication that we had previously. This is creating employee work silos that aren't as efficient.

How to win the talent war during COVID

According to Shaheen, the talent acquisition market has become very unpredictable and very competitive. Companies are faced with a decision of learning how to manage employees well to lower turnover.

In the video below she addresses how companies can address these issues with four efforts:

  1. Connection. Help employees bond with their coworkers.

  2. Meaningful Impact. Help employees see how their work matters to the company, to themselves and to the world at large.

  3. Appreciation. Reward employees for their contributions and help them know they are valued.

  4. Growth. Provide learning opportunities and chances for growth within and without the organization.

In the video below, Shaheen explains this issues and provides examples of what you can do to improve employee engagement at your organization.

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