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marketing portfolio

But First...

Be sure to check out My Process first. I feel that strategy is the most important part of marketing. Without strategy and a process, the portfolio below doesn't matter.

Website and UX Designs

Organic Search Results

Ready Store is the online leader in food storage and emergency supplies. My role included directing the team of website designers to design and improve our Magento store. Because of my efforts, we now have a responsive website that has improved site speed, SEO and conversion rate.

The graph to the right shows the success I've had with organic search traffic to our websites. I increased organic traffic by optimizing websites keywords, image optimization and using my experience as an SEO to help these companies. 


Marketing Email Samples

Marketing Email Results

One of my major accomplishments is my work in email marketing. At Ready Store, I put together a plan on how to more effectively develop our email list by using industry-best standards. I researched what customers were interested in and what material we could present to them to further solidify our brand and customer loyalty. Email marketing grew to be a third of our online traffic and a major contributor to company revenue (blue in chart) while maintaining email website traffic (tan). I grew our company list size to 157,000 subscribers with a steady growth. I have experience with email service providers such as Silverpop, Klaviyo, Listrak and SalesForce.


Print Media

Paid Ad Banners


Expo Booth Designs

Content, Press Releases and Blog Samples

Video Editing and Production Samples