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brandon garrett


Creative and business-savvy e-commerce and product development professional with 10 years of experience across a broad range of marketing functions and industries. I have a proven ability to combine vision, resourcefulness and strong business insight with well-developed project management and leadership qualities to support product launches, style guides, branding and rebranding initiatives, positioning companies and products for success.



I received my Bachelor's in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from Brigham Young University. BYU is one of the leading universities in PR and Communications and ranked in the top 10 in the nation. I was recognized as a finalist in the PR Student of the Year Award through Richter7 Agency.

I am currently studying at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah to complete my Master's of Business Administration in 2021.


Marketing Leadership. Currently, I am working at the Ready Store, the online leader in food storage and emergency supplies. My role includes directing the team of website designers, graphic designers and marketers. We oversee all marketing areas including SEO, paid search, affiliate relations, social media, content creation and website design.

Effective Campaigns. I have been in charge of spearheading efforts to track the effectiveness of campaigns and setting up the analysis of each campaign – reporting on website traffic, conversion rate, order value, etc. With all of this information, I report weekly on the company statistics to the executive team. Email Marketing. One of my major accomplishments at the Ready Store is my work in email marketing. I put together a plan on how to more effectively develop our email list by using industry-best standards. I researched what customers were interested in and what material we could present to them to further solidify our brand and customer loyalty. Email marketing grew to be a third of our online traffic and a major contributor to company revenue. I grew our company list size to 157,000 subscribers with a steady growth. I have
experience with email service providers such as Silverpop, GetResponse, Listrak and SalesForce.

Team Work. Previously, I worked at Radi8Creative, a public relations and marketing agency specializing in cutting-edge technology companies. I communicated with clients on a daily basis to figure out how we could create marketing collateral that would benefit them the most. I then worked with different individuals and departments in the company to create that collateral and messaging in a timely and effective manner.


Communication Skills. I have very strong written and verbal communication skills. I started my career working with BYU Communications where I worked with contributors from all across the university to write over 300 press releases. This helped me to learn the verbal skills and effective communication needed in marketing. I also became skilled at writing and working with media outlets. Many of my articles were used verbatim in news media such as the Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune and Daily Herald.

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