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Creative and business-savvy e-commerce and product development professional with 10 years of experience across a broad range of marketing functions and industries. I have a proven ability to combine vision, resourcefulness and strong business insight with well-developed project management and leadership qualities to support product launches, style guides, branding and re-branding initiatives, positioning companies and products for success.

Director of Digital Marketing
E-commerce Manager
B2B and B2C Digital Customer Experience
Drawing on a Board
Job Interview

Marketing Strategy

I have a decade of experience in marketing strategy including pricing, positioning, targeting and segmenting. My process is meticulous and helps bring success to the company instead of just making images that are beautiful ... but I do that too. :)

Marketing Media Creation

My strategy fuels the content creation. With the research in place, I've created marketing media that is fun to read, enjoyable to view and catches the eye. This media has helped grow businesses and reach goals across different departments and KPIs.


& Articles

I love to write and help others when I can, take a look at my marketing blog below

Sand Dunes
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